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Sesein makes Software for all kind of user that may be individual End user or Enterprises level.

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About Us

Software Products Development and Pre-Sales Company ( An Insyncs Company) . At SESEIN , We develop Software for both Enterprises Level and End User. We have developed software; starting from new and start up corporation, mid-level corporation as well as big level enterprises.

Our Products

project 1

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of ideas and technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity.

NFC device can work in 3 modes: NFC target (acting like a credential), NFC initiator (as a reader) and NFC peer to peer.

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project 2

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project 3

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project 6

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project 7


TrickMark is a one stop exam practise tests site which provides various online practise tests as well as assessments for students preparing for various examinations such as Jee, BITSAT, etc.

Students can increase their confidence levels with these updated mock tests.

Since all the resources are online students can book their slots from any computer from anywhere .
This site enables the students to get organised, stay focussed and feel presumptuous. These tests which are available have the same look and feel of original exam paper in simulated environment. Since it is simulation of original exam students can Practise more and they can easily manage time when they appear for the final exam.

Student Login:
The student has to register his details such as name, email id and mobile number for accessing the site and once he gets login passwords he can start giving his exams by choosing the one he wants to appear.
If the student clicks on the exam then the exam date will appear on which he can take the exam.
The dashboard provides the exams taken by the student, the overall performance and subject wise performance to analyse where the student has to improve. He/she can also provide a feedback if for any changes he/she want to suggest or can recommend any friend.

Admin Login:
The Admin will Login with his Id and update the question papers and the answer sheets to evaluate the students exams online.
The admin will create different exams for different selections such as course wise year wise branch wise an also various papers for intended topics/chapters.
The date and time for the examinations will be scheduled by the admin in exam manager module.
The total marks for the question paper, the cut off marks and negative marking if any are set depending upon the type of exam selected.

project 8


QUICKEDMIN is a Web enabled tool for the overall management of the fees collection and settlement, for any Educational institute. The Application manages real time data along with instant generation of receipt and simultaneously updating, the same in all the related applications and Account Books. The application enhances the Staff’s operational efficiency and roots out the chances of error occurrence due to mismanagement on human part.

QuickEdmin Supports:
#- Overall management of the Fees collection and reconciliation.
#- Effective Management of students record.
#- Updating fees details, Receivables and received amounts directly into related systems, applications and accounts books .
#- Instant generation of fee receipt.
#- Management of student details by the application through Student Management module.
#- Dynamic generation of Reports.
#- Dashboard features with instant clarity on the fees paid, due amount and total fees receivable along with statistics on student population course wide, stream wise and year wise.

Key Features:
#- Quick Response Time.
#- Highly Secured.
#- Client Server Model.
#- Dynamic Configurable Users and Roles.
#- In built Student Management Module.
#- Facility for Integration with other in house / Third party applications.
#- Fast and Easy Access to needed Information.
#- Integrated MIS Reporting tool.

Process Control:
A. Student Enrollment:
Student Management Module manages:
#- Student Personal Details.
#- Student Status (Active / Inactive).
#- Facilities availed by Student (Transport/Accommodation).
#- Scholarships and Concessions applicable.
#- Fee structure applicable.
#- Attendance.
#- Final Marks Obtained.

B.Fees Processing with Status Updation:
#- Auto updation of Fees Payment at backend, Related applications and Account Books
#- Instant generation of Fee receipt
#- Transparency on applicable fees and amount , paid and dues.
#- Flexibility of making adjustment / changes and additions at time of fee collection at counter
#- Fee Structure applicable with details getting updated against student’s record.
#- Concessions and Scholarships taken into count when calculating total

C.Scholarship Handling:
#- Effective management of Scholarships with unique identification Number (Scholarship Preceding)
#- Scholarships tracked right from the time it been released till it getting disbursed or settled
#- Flexibility to retain amount under adjustments or reversal to Government
#- Cheque details along with the Bank details captured in the system against the Scholarship preceding number.

D.Data Master:
#- Restricted limited access to ensure data integrity and accountability.
#- Flexibility to add/edit/delete master data for all entities involved.
#- Supports Data validation.
#- Supports bulk data entry for immediate plug and play operations.

E.Tracking /Adjusting Payment and Past Payment Records:
#- Provision to generate past payment receipts.
#- Real Time Reports to view Fees Due, Paid and receivable corresponding to each student.
#- Flexibility to adjust fees against past payments, advance payments or in installments.
#- Provision to print receipt of specific amount as required post making adjustments.
#- Changes / Adjustments made visible to Accounts Department for later reconciliation.

Unique Offering:
A. Transport Charges Calculated Based on Pickup Point:
#- Transparency in calculation of Transport charges.
#- Transport charges based on pickup point.
#- Pickup point and corresponding charges getting managed through masters.
#- Direct mapping of transport charges to student’s account.

B.Bulk upload Facility:
#- Flexibility to upload student data in bulk in excel format. #- System operational in no time.
#- Lump sump data getting properly managed.
#- Facilitate Easy transition from legacy system.

C.Data Export to Excel or Printer:
#- Data export facility to Excel for analysis.
#- Reports in both output format i.e. Printable and on screen.

D.Receipts in Pre printed Format:
#- Flexibility to define the Coordinates for the printing, to ensure proper alignment of the printed information .
#- The Receipts generated against the fees get printed in pre printed format.
#- Results in Cost saving on bulk printing of Receipts.
#- Prevention and check on fraudulent activities.

A.Admin Module:
#- Editing of the Master Tables across various categories i.e. System Configuration, Academic Masters, Revenue Masters, Transport and Hostel and configure them.
#- Updation of his profile.
#- Changing the password.
#- Can generate and view any type of report on ad hoc basis.
#- Handles scholarship details with acceptance and subsequent disbursement of it.
#- Can conduct in depth analysis of student’s record across various courses and stream.
#- Complete control over Fees Management with segregation being done on various parameters such as Fees paid, dues, receivables and also based on Course, Stream and academic year at student level.
#- Activate / Readmit the Deactivate Students with fees acceptance/adjustments.
#- Search, filter and view /update student data .Search by Roll no., First Name and Last Name supported.
#- Add New Student Record with ease.
#- Mapping of Funds to Accounts Tree and Accounts Type for easy reconciliation and audit purpose.

B.Operator Ease:
#- Updating the details of his profile.
#- Changing the password.
#- Fee Acceptance and Receipt generation with provision for selecting applicable fees type.
#- Acceptance of Fees by multiple mode of payment i.e. Cheque, Cash.
#- Quick view of Fee structure applicable in each case.
#- Provision for sliding students between Stream and campuses.
#- Quick view for past payment record.
#- Provision for Activating /readmitting inactive students with feeding reason for same.
#- Daily Collection Report Generation.

C.Management Portal
#- Manager can access / view real time report.
#- Access to Quick Bird eye View across Students data, Fees Collected/Dues, Daily collection figure across all locations and Counters.
#- Drill Down Technique to further analyze data.

Quality Reports:
A.Quick View:
#- Student Strength across courses and Stream.
#- Fees Due and Daily Fee Collection with Counter Fee Collection.

B.Reports related to Student:
#- Student Details - Student Strength by Gender ,Student Address , Student Contacts and Student Admissions between Dates.

C. Revenue Reports:
#- Daily Collection Reports ,Fee Dues Report ,Fee Receivable List ,Fee Masters List ,Readmission List ,Scholarship Reports.

D.Reports related to Transport:
#- Transport Fee Collection By Route AND Transport Student Details.

E. Reports related to Hostel:
#- Hostel Fee Collection to Accommodation Type AND Hostels Student Details.

Success Keys:
#- Quick and effective approach for fee management.
#- Responsive Web Design for optimal viewing experience in any of the device with computing capability.
#- Features rich and easy tools.
#- Easy Configurable Masters with restricted and authorized access for Security.
#- Dashboard with quick view and direct access to reports.
#- Quick Reports Generation on ad hoc basis with flexibility to export to Excel and print.
#- Complete control and visibility on Fees Charged and its status.
#- Integrated Student Management Module.
#- Effective handling / adjustment of Scholarships , Fee Type and Installments if any.
#- Funds mapped under Accounts Type for Audit purpose and easy reconciliation.
#- Easy Receipt Generation for current and past transactions.

project 9


Provides greater scope for the effective management of your library.
Gives a better ways to handle reports.
Uses new technologies for the effective outputs.

Why LibComfort:
#- Simple to use
#- Easy to understand
#- Web based Application
#- Features rich and easy tools
#- Reports on adhoc basis
#- Complete user friendly environment
#- Online Support
#- All problems overcome which users faced with Library Management Softwares existing in the market

Brand Value:
#- Quick Response Time
#- More Secured
#- Client Server Model
#- Dynamic Configure Users and Roles
#- Support of Multi Branches
#- Support to Barcode Systems

#- News Scroll
#- Subscription Alerts
#- Online Renewals and Requests
#- Bulk Uploads through Excel Sheets
#- Stock Verification
#- Budget Analysis
#- Racks and Shelves

New Flexibility:
#- Digital Library – Uploads & Downloads
#- Advanced Search
#- Change Tracker
#- Report Tracker
#- Database Backup and Restore

Process Control:
#- Student Promotions
#- Alumni Database (Students & Staff )
#- Borrow restriction on Fee Defaulters
#- Borrow History
#- Journals & newspapers Maintenance
#- Academic Projects Information
#- Library – Reading Room Tracker

#- Librarian's Desk
#- Admin Privileges
#- Principal Authority
#- Staff Flexibility
#- Students Corner
#- Facility Aids
#- Quality Reports

Admin Privileges:
#- Edit complete details of the student
#- Edit the details of the staff
#- Edit the master tables and configure them
#- Configure privileges to a user / Role
#- Restrict Book Borrowing based on User / Role
#- Advanced Search for Books
#- Update the details of his profile
#- Change the password

Librarian Desk:
#- Add new books / Staff /Student batches
#- Bulk add through excel sheets
#- Edit profile of student / Staff
#- Basic Transactions - Issue , Return , Renewals & Fines
#- Journals / Magazines - Issues /Returns , Subscriptions & Alerts on expiry
#- Newspaper Maintenance.
#- Teaching Aids Inventory & Maintenance
#- Access to complete details of Lost books , Damaged books , Available books , Issued books , Reference Books & Academic Books.
#- Provision to generate various reports on Library , Books , Students & Staff.
#- Bar code Systems support.

Student's Corner:
#- Details of all his/her library transactions
#- View his profile
#- Update the details of the profile
#- Change the login password
#- Online request for a new book purchase
#- View the details of the fines to be paid
#- Request for renewal of the book
#- View his/her library history
#- Check renewal status

Staff Flexibility:
#- Update the details of the profile.
#- Change the login password.
#- Request for a new book purchase.
#- Request for renewal of the book.
#- View the library history.
#- View the details of the fines to be paid.
#- Search for any book and can see its status.
#- Upload or download any files from Soft Database.
#- Verify subject content of Student upload before hosting.

Principal Authority:
#- Access to all Budget activity
#- Authority to reduce/increase or nullify fines imposed by Librarian
#- Generate any type of report on ad hoc basis
#- Send list of students to Librarian who are College fee defaulters
#- Send list of Staff members to Librarian who have resigned
#- Renewal Alerts to Journals Subscriptions
#- News Scroll
#- Complete Reports Access

project 10


BILL MAGIC CRM is a mobile billing solution designed for cash collection from the customer for the services utilized. This application will support B2B sales in Internet service providers. This application will help the client in maintaining a data of Internet service connection subscribers as well as the collection agent details. This will provide dual advantages to both the client as well as to the customers. The customers can pay the cash at home and can receive the receipt instantly for the payment made. Agents can use the kit provided by the company in which the application is installed and immediate up-dation is made which can be viewed both by the client as well as the agent.

BILL MAGIC CRM is a mobile billing solution designed for cash collection from the customer for the services utilized. This application will support B2B sales in Internet service providers. This application will help the client in maintaining a data of Internet service connection subscribers as well as the collection agent details. This will provide dual advantages to both the client as well as to the customers. The customers can pay the cash at home and can receive the receipt instantly for the payment made. Agents can use the kit provided by the company in which the application is installed and immediate up-dation is made which can be viewed both by the client as well as the agent.

Dash Board:
Customer , Invoice , Deposit , Bank , Expenses , CMS (Customer Management Services) , Bank Payment , Customer Map , Inward Stock & Outward Stock

Quick Response Time ,Highly Secured ,Client Server Model ,Dynamic Configurable Users and Roles , Fast and Easy Access to needed Information & Integrated MIS Reporting tool.

Process Control:
#- Customer : Here the Admin. grants privilege to the Manager, Distributors & Executives to enter the details of the new Customers and view the exiting customers. Distributors would be able to see the details and make sure the necessary work is done by their Executives.

#- Invoice : Here admin can view the invoices raised for customers and he grants privilege to the Distributors and Executives so that the executive goes and collect dues in their respective regions and Distributor’s see to it that the work is done.

#- Deposit: It will allow the admin to track executive who performed the deposit transaction (i.e in terms of Cheque and Cash). Here the Distributor’s and Executives will have the privilege of entering the transactions and viewing it. They don’t have the privilege of editing it in case of any situation. They will have to request to the admin.

#- Bank : Here the admin can view the details of the various regions where the deposit transaction are performed and by which executives. Here the Distributors and Executives have the provision of entering the deposit transaction and viewing it. Only the admin has the authority to edit details in the transaction.

#- Expenses: In this the admin will view the requests made by the executives related to some local purchases where in it is up-to admin whether to approve it or not.

#- CMS (Customer Management Services): Here, it would allow the admin to check the health condition of service department(i.e turn around time of service issue once the ticked is raised). The Executive have the privilege of viewing the service complaints on a daily basis for trouble shooting it. The Distributors makes sure that the Executives attend the issue if not attended for long.

#- Bank Payment : Here the admin will have the access of tracking payments related to services opted from third party by the organization. It can be related to the Marketing activities or any other services.

#- Customer map: It Points out the location & service opted by customers on a Google map.

#- Inward Stock: Here the admin can view the stocks available in the warehouse and the information of the date and time the orders have been placed by the organization.

#- Outward Stock: Here the admin can view what stocks are been issued to the executives on daily basis on request. Here he can analyze that which stocks need to be maintained in minimum without fail in order to avoid delay during service complains.

project 11


Bus travel is the mainstream travel source across rural and urban routes and is only means for emergency.

To make such travel movements more comfortable we have launched online bus ticketing Buskart.Com for your destinations as its first phase operations.

project 12


TrackZa enables its users to track and monitor their vehicles remotely. TrackZa also allows controlling the vehicle from any remote location. It is designed to serve needs like logistics, schools, cab services, passenger transport companies and many other needs.

Fleet Management, Field Management, Asset Management, Field Service Management, Field Sales Management and Trailer Tracking are the services offered by TrackZa.

Features :
TrackZa is a complete solution hosting modules to maintain and track vehicles online over a website.
1. Vehicle Tracking
2. Fleet Management
3. Asset Management
4. Field Service Management
5. Field Sales Management
6. Trailer Tracking

TrackZa - Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking is technology which enables the user to remotely locate and track their movements, status and behavior of a vehicle which is typically achieved through a combination of a GPS vehicle tracking device and a method of returning the data to the user which is later transformed into useful information via software or website.

TrackZa - Fleet Management
Large and complex fleet operators have different requirements than small to midsize fleets. It therefore makes sense that the process of GPS fleet management technology should be more thorough than a quick commodity sale of real time fleet tracking technology to a small fleet operator. With TrackZa, you can have a specialized process for enterprise level fleet partners.

TrackZa – Asset Management
Vehicle or Asset Tracking System provides records of both the current and the historical locations of a Vehicle or Asset which the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator can access.
This data is accessible remotely and continuously by the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator and also monitored on a 24/7 basis so that immediate response can be provided in the case of emergency signals being received.

TrackZa – Field Service Management
TrackZa have become a mainstay of almost all businesses that require fleet services today. These devices use satellite tracking systems to exactly pinpoint where the user is. You can install GPS in all your vehicles and then hook them up with Field Power software on the computer in your workplace.
This is enough for you to know exactly where your vehicles are at any given point of time. With more and more businesses needing field service solutions today, GPS vehicle tracking for field service management is becoming increasingly important.

TrackZa – Field Sales Management
Sales managers can access real-time locations of staff, adding nearby last-minute appointments to itineraries. Benefits include increased productivity, reduced driving time and increased time spent with customers and prospects.

TrackZa – Trailer Tracking
Haulage and Logistics companies often operate Lorries with detachable load carrying units. The part of the vehicle that drives the load is known as the cab and the load carrying unit is known as the trailer. There are different types of trailer used for different applications, e.g. flat bed, refrigerated, curtain sider, box container which can be tracked using TrackZa.

Products :
TrackZa provides solutions to all levels of organizations ranging small business to large enterprises. TrackZa is designed in 3 major Levels/Categories based on the Industry needs
1. TrackZa – School
2. TrackZa – Enterprise
3. TrackZa – Premium

TrackZa – School
TrackZa - School is designed for the unique requirements of School vehicle tracking. The software is capable of integrating the School management along with vehicle management and give best results for the school managements.

TrackZa – School Features:
1. Tracking of School Vehicles.
2. Ability for the driver to send SMS to the parents at each pickup point while the bus reaches the pickup point.
3. Ability for the parents to see the school bus on its way for pick using internet.
4. Ability for the School to track vehicle while it is out of campus.
5. Integrated with School management systems so that reports on vehicle maintenance, bus fees collected, bus fee due reports, bus maintenance costs, and revenue realized from one vehicle vs amount spent on vehicle.

TrackZa – School Reports:
1. List of students picked up
2. Student Vehicle Payment due list, paid list
3. Distance traveled
4. Route of travel
5. Time of travel
6. Student Pickup Points
7. Vehicle Mileage
8. Vehicle Maintenance
9. Repair history of each vehicle
10. Costs associated with each Vehicle Management

TrackZa – Enterprise
TrackZa – Enterprise is designed for the specialized requirements of a Commercial enterprise. The Enterprise model has the hardware and software designed for the requirements of tracking and management of vehicles at an enterprise level consisting of multiple vehicles and run for different purposes. The typical challenges faced by an enterprise in managing multiple vehicles without availability of highly expertise manpower are addressed in this package.

TrackZa – Enterprise Features:
1. Integrated vehicle management with vehicle tracking
2. Any vehicle or all the vehicles could be seen on Internet by the end users
3. Dash boards on vehicle status and weekly mileage
4. To maintain complete list of vehicles, driver contact details, driver attendance details, vehicle maintenance
5. To track a vehicle on internet
6. To have geo-fencing and track the vehicle crossing boundaries
7. Vehicle Speed Monitoring

TrackZa – Enterprise Reports:
1. List of members picked up
2. Trip reports of any vehicle for any given trip or between dates
3. Mileage reports of vehicles
4. Vehicle speeding reports
5. Vehicle Petrol/Diesel filled reports
6. Vehicle crossing the boundary reports
7. Vehicle maintenance reports
8. Maintenance history of each vehicle
9. Driver attendance reports
10. Driver contact details

TrackZa – Premium
TrackZa – Premium is designed for the Premium customers. Features like Fleet Management, Vehicle tracking and Vehicle maintenance is integrated with complete ERP implanted for the running of enterprise. The software is well designed to meet the extensive requirements of customers like complete accounting, vehicle tracking and maintenance.

TrackZa – Premium Features:
1. Fleet management software with the capabilities to create a fleet, organize a fleet and manage a fleet of vehicles
2. Each vehicle or a group of vehicles could be tracked on the internet.
3. Tracking vehicle with respect to speed of travel, direction of travel, number of passengers on the vehicle (excess load indicators), fuel availability, cross of geo fencing borders.
4. Complete maintenance of each vehicle with respect to repairs, petrol/diesel consumed other maintenance services, driver salaries and driver.
5. Optional integration with finance and accounts modules of ERP software that could be integrated with full functional accounts module and other enterprise wide modules like Procurement, HR, Sales, Inventory, and Production modules.

TrackZa – Enterprise Reports:
1. Trip reports of any vehicle for any given trip or between dates
2. Mileage reports of vehicles
3. Vehicle speeding reports
4. Vehicle Petrol/Diesel filled reports
5. Vehicle crossing the boundary reports
6. Vehicle maintenance reports
7. Maintenance history of each vehicle
8. Driver attendance reports
9. Driver contact details
10. ERP reports on Accounts and Finance
11. ERP reports on Sales
12. ERP reports on HR
13. ERP reports on Procurement
14. ERP reports on Inventory
15. ERP reports on Production

TrackZa – Benefits:
1. Minute – Minute updates
2. Vehicle Triggered Events
3. Efficient Field Services
4. Monitor your Field Agents
5. Track your Field Agents
6. Monitor Speed of the Vehicle
7. Control Vehicle over Internet
8. Immobilize Vehicle remotely
9. Optimum route Analysis
10.Voice based Guidelines
11.Make your field service much more efficient
12.SMS Alerts and Notifications
13.DC Maintenance


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